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What is CheeziFit?

CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme logo What is Cheezifit
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CheeziFit is a Physiotherapy led dance fitness programme to Cheezi music.

The origins of CheeziFit began in Plymouth England in 2013 by a Physio and Fitness instructor called Ros Harley. From an inspiration in a kitchen CheeziFit is now gently expanding throughout the UK. CheeziFitters are now enjoying the unique community from the sea shores of Plymouth through the colours and fun of Birmingham, the liveliness of London up to the Scottish Isles, the French shores and even across the Atlantic to Chicago, America. 

How did it begin?

After a series of traumatic events in Ros' life, she fell into chronic depression too scared to leave the house. One late evening Ros was sinking into her second bottle of wine; self medicating to disappear and Freddie Mercury came on the radio. For 6 minutes she was transported into a world of physical and mental strength, well-being and fun and realised this was her answer.

Physiotherapy Led

Ros sobered up and for the next 9 years made it her mission to learn about the connection between music, the brain and boogie. She took herself off to Plymouth University and studied Physiotherapy with a focus on dance for her dissertation, whilst running classes in her spare time at local gyms where she met Lynn and Gilly.

"I never want anyone to reach the mental depths that I did, I wanted to create a community of respect and acceptance where we support each other physically, emotionally and mentally and CheeziFit was the answer. As long as I can make someone smile every day; my time's not wasted."

The Power of Music

The logo to CheeziFit is based on Freddie’s iconic stance. “In 6 minutes I felt an enormous sense of joy and freedom, Freddie transported me back to me again. I realised that there was strength in music and dance; for 6 minutes I felt happy and alive. CheeziFit was born and my healing began” Ros beamed.

Family Feel

CheeziFit now has three instructors Ros, Lynn and Gilly who are passionate about the benefits of exercise for both mental and physical health and well-being. Together the team design choreography (often in the kitchen) to recognisable, upbeat fun tracks with an aim to lift your spirits and get you fit and healthy at the same time. Songs include; Queen, T-Rex, Bowie, Abba, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Bony-M; to name but a few!

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CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme Gilly and Ros

What makes CheeziFit different?

CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme logo What makes Cheezifit different

We are different in that we are one of the only Physiotherapy led dance fitness exercise programmes in the country, which aims to help you both individually and collectively. We also know all the names of our participants and try to create a family feel. 

We have access to research papers; industry changes and Physiotherapy outcome measures of which we weave into our classes. This is all to help every participant become the best version of themselves.
We work on both your physicality, including your strength and muscle tone, your bone density, respiratory, cardiovascular system and neurological strength-including your balance and coordination.
We also aim to help to improve your mental health through our music and the stretching, relaxation component and mindfulness. Our classes are warm and friendly; and include as many abilities as we can. 

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