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Frequently Asked Questions

CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme logo FAQ

1. What is CheeziFit?

CheeziFit is a Physiotherapy led dance fitness programme to recognisable, upbeat fun tracks with an aim to lift your spirits and get you fit and healthy at the same time.


2. How old do I need to be?

16 + (16 and 17 year olds should be accompanied by an adult)

3. How long is the class?

Each class is 1 hour


4. Timetable; Click here to see our timetable >

5. What makes the class different to other dance fitness classes?

We are different in that we are one of the only Physiotherapy led dance fitness exercise programmes in the country, which aims to help you both individually and collectively. We also know the name of all our participants and try to create a community feel.

6. Do I need to book?

Yes; you need to book and confirm that you will be attending

7. How much is it?

Our classes are £4.00 per person.

8. How do I pay and can I book in advance?

There is a booking system on-line where you can pay on-line through PayPal.

You can  also choose to pay as you go by cash.

You can block book in advance if you prefer.


9. What happens if I can’t make a class?

We will reschedule your class to the next available week.


10. What should I wear and what equipment should I bring?

Comfortable clothing; eg. leggings, t shirt and trainers and a bottle of cold water.


11. What if I am a beginner – will I be able to do it?

Yes, you will be offered modifications, adaptations and progressions and you will be supported in the class.


12. What can I expect at my first class?

A warm welcome and a feel-good, fun hour of dance based exercises.


13. Do I need to complete a health form?
Yes, there is a health form on the website which will need to be completed and cleared before entry to any class. If you're unable to access the form just send us an email or you can complete a paper copy prior to your first class.


14. How near to the class start time can I book? Can I book at the last minute?

Classes can be booked right up until the start time of the class. If you're unable to access the booking form just let us know on arrival.

15. Can you recommend a core strengthening and posture workout to compliment CheeziFit?

Yes, we have a sister company called PACEPilates offering core strengthening, posture, flexibility
and balance with a great focus on breathing efficiently. Click  here for more information.

CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme logo pace pilates
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