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Health & Safety

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We take the health and safety of all our participants incredibly seriously. All of our Community classes are Covid-19 health and safety compliant.

Before you join us you must fill in the attached health form (Here) and submit it. We will then contact you to run through everything.  If your health changes then you equally must let us know.


To ensure your safety we also follow rigorous procedures including;

     Covid-19 Compliance

     GDPR Compliance

     Social Media moderation

     Verbal and written risk assessments

     Clothing, equipment and safety

     Updated health conditions

     Technical support



We equally follow the most up to date exercise guidelines and place these into our Community and pre-recorded classes to help to improve your immune system.

For both our pre-recorded classes, unfortunately we can’t be with you in your homes, so need to be aware that you take full responsibility for yourself. 

For us this is the most important part of any class, once you know how the class works, your forms are submitted and everything is safe and in place for you, then and only then we can dance together and boogie the class away. 

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