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Meet the Instructors

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Ros Harley
Lynn Easton
Gilly Ellis

Ros Harley
Founder/Instructor and serious Freddie Mercury fan! Ros is a Chartered Physiotherapist currently working for the NHS on the frontline during the pandemic. She also specialises in dance rehabilitation; both physical and mental. Ros has an additional BA (Hons) 2.1 Degree in Dance and is certified as a premiere Pilates Instructor with the leading Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute Level 3.
Ros is also a Pilates Instructor and a qualified CYQ Level II Exercise to Music Fitness instructor. Ros is passionate about affordable, inclusive, friendly, non-competitive, community orientated dance fitness classes with recognisable music to appeal to all age groups. “I wanted to create a class where going the wrong way was absolutely fine! Where people can dance till their heart’s content, feeling a freedom to relax in a non-competitive, warm environment.”

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Lynn Easton
Lead Instructor and Chief Bingo Caller. Lynn, qualified as a Fitness Instructor in 2015. After attending a CheeziFit class, she became addicted despite (as she puts it) as having a; “complete lack of coordination and being considerably overweight.” Lynn eventually decided to qualify as a Fitness Instructor, with the specific aim of teaching CheeziFit. She was delighted to be given the opportunity to start a class which led to two successful classes and a loyal following. “I can only speak from experience and I know that CheeziFit worked for me” said Lynn, “I am now far fitter and 5 stone lighter. I know the barriers people put up against exercise, it’s too expensive, I’m not fit enough, I’m too old, I haven’t got anyone to go with etc. as I have used them all before. However, I now know that anyone can make that change if they want to and I am thrilled to be in a position to encourage people to do the same." 

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