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Beginners Classes

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New to CheeziFit? 

Well firstly a warm welcome to you! Thankyou so much for joining us on our website, we hope you are getting a sense of our very happy and welcoming community. We'd love for you to join us!

CheeziFit's Headquarters is in the Plymouth kitchen of Ros Glendinning, the Founder. Yet we're so excited because of our passion for dance, exercise, community and support is starting to spread throughout the UK. We now have CheeziFitters spreading from Cornwall to Scotland, Birmingham to London, and we've even crossed the Atlantic with CheeziFitters boogying with us in Chicago, America.

So why not join us in 2021. Take the first step and try one class; perhaps this is your destiny in 2021? Book into our CheeziFit On-Demand class, which is suitable for beginners, or join us in person in our Community classes to join in the fun! Simply click here to book!

We hope to hear from you!

"I was seriously nervous about starting a fitness class. On my first day I was made to feel totally welcome, relaxed and calm. I laughed so much that all my worries left and I am absolutely addicted. Not only to CheeziFit but to the warm-hearted community."

Susie, Cornwall 

CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme BEGINNERS
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