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What is PACEPilates?

PACEPilates offers friendly, safe Physiotherapy led Pilates classes led by Ros, a Chartered Physiotherapist, and Gilly a Pilates instructor and Gymnastics Coach. Together they offer modified Pilates using the classical, traditional Pilates principles, catered to mixed abilities. 


Ros and Gilly are passionate about supporting their participants, helping to reduce any mental and/or physical pain and supporting them to achieve their goals. 

They offer a steady & safe pace and help teach people the correct techniques with precision and control. 

An Introduction to Pilates

Pilates was developed by German-born Joseph Pilates. Joseph believed mental and physical health were closely connected; and he created an exercise method to help to successfully rehabilitate War Veterans in World War One.


Today Pilates has evolved and is now taught globally by Physiotherapists and Pilates instructors. It is a well-regarded, safe exercise programme for all levels of fitness; from beginners to professional athletes. 

Traditional Principles of PACEPilates

PACEPilates classes focus on breathing properly using what we call lateral breathing; this also reduces stress and tension in the neck and shoulder region by minimising the recruitment of the wrong upper respiratory muscles. This is incredibly relevant due to COVID-19 and we work to help all our clients to become the fittest version of themselves on a respiratory level. 

Gilly and Ros are the instructors at PACEPilates. They teach the original classical Pilates methods in the main; though the choreography is tailored to ensure that the class is beneficial to every client who enters the virtual room. 

Both Ros and Gilly continue to learn and put themselves through the most up to date courses to ensure their continued professional development is up to date for the benefit of their clients. 

Find out more about our Instructors here >

Focusing on Your Mental Health

All our exercises have a mental and cognitive element. We teach you to concentrate on the correct movement, body position and which muscles should be activated and switched off.  Knowing exactly where your body is positioned and how it needs to be moved is essential to a good technique. When the technique is mastered; efficient movement is created, eventually leading to unconscious, pain-free and automatic movement. Concentration is great for your mental health and wellbeing as distraction can reduce stress and anxiety whilst aiding your immune system. The classes aim to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on exercises to develop core strength and improve general fitness and wellbeing. They equally aim to improve your balance, coordination and any neurological disorders, such as sciatica.

Pilates can:

  • Develop core strength and build toned muscle

  • Relieve stress and improve mental health

  • Release tension in the body and improve posture

  • Increase full-body strength and flexibility

  • Increase energy and balance

  • Reduce injuries and reduce/eliminate back pain

  • Be adapted to all fitness levels

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