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Brain-busting and inspirational

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of running/jogging, a lot of which provide instant results but what about the more long-term benefits? Lots of research has been carried out and the results show that after only a month of running 20-25 minutes daily, you could have the following benefits;

Boost brain power

How many times have you walked into a room and forgotten what you went in for? Well, evidence has shown that running can have a positive effect on your memory.

A group of neuroscientists at Cambridge University carried out research which showed that running stimulates the brain leading to the growth of hundreds of thousands of new brain cells which has a big impact on mental ability and memory.

The new brain cells are produced in the area that is linked to the formation and recollection of memories which can potentially slow down the deterioration of mental ability that occurs through the aging process. Just a month of running results in thousands of new brain cells which can mean you learn new things more quickly and easily and can adapt to changes and new challenges more efficiently.

Inspire others

Sharing your daily routine can inspire your friends and family and can push your exercise-loving friends to try and beat your stats for a bit of healthy competition. The positive change in your mood and outlook can encourage your friends to follow in your footsteps. Why not be that beacon which shines brightly…

Say goodbye to fatigue

Numerous studies have proven that exercise can improve energy levels resulting in a drop in fatigue and replacing tiredness with enthusiasm.

Make smart decisions

After exercising you might find that you are keen to eat something healthy so as not to undo your good work. This might lead to smarter and healthier choices in other aspects of your life resulting in less impulsive decisions. You will start to recognise the long-term investment into your health rather than looking for instant gratification.

If these sound like good reasons to you, why not give the Couch to 5K programme a go? It starts off slowly and gradually builds up your strength and stamina over the weeks so is achievable for beginners.

You can download the official C25K app via the NHS website by clicking HERE where you will find all the information you need together with hints, tips and stretching advice. It is never too late to start as the programme can be completed in your own time and fit in and around your lifestyle.

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