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KEEP CALM - Couch to 5 K starts tomorrow!!

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Hello CheeziJoggers, tomorrow is the big day when we start our 9 week Couch to 5 K challenge – we are so excited!

Ros & Lynn can't wait to hear about your progress as we all walk and run our way through the 9 week programme contained within the NHS endorsed Couch to 5 K app.

In preparation for your first run, Lynn has filmed a short video containing some warm up stretches to ensure you are well-prepared and safely warmed up reducing the risk of injury. These stretches can also be completed at the end of your run enabling you to cool down safely as well. PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER BELOW BELOW PRIOR TO WATCHING.

Please note this is not an insured event and we are not run leaders so participation is at your own risk and you are responsible for yourself.

To make certain you are run-ready, here are some handy hints and tips to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as it can be.

· Ensure you feel well enough to walk/run for 30-40 minutes. If you are feeling unwell or dizzy refrain from exercise until you are fully recovered.

· Wear loose comfortable clothing. Layers are advisable and consider wearing a hat if it is cold. A supportive bra is recommended for women

· Ensure you wear a suitable pair of trainers/running shoes so your ankles and feet are well supported

· If running at night, wear light or reflective clothing enabling you to be seen clearly. You may wish to consider a head torch

· Try not to run alone at night but if running with someone else, ensure you maintain a safe distance and follow social distancing guidelines

· When listening to your app, be extra vigilant with regards to traffic and pedestrians as your hearing may be impaired

· Consider wearing a bum bag to keep your keys, cards and phone safe. Armbands to keep your phone in place are an alternative option

· Avoid eating a large meal up to 2 hours prior to your run, however a light snack such as a banana will give you energy

· Some people like to take a bottle of water but don't drink too much, just enough to quench your thirst

· Ensure you complete the brisk 5 minute walk at the start and end of the programme to avoid injury

· When running, try to land on the middle of your foot. Avoid landing on your heel or your toes. Your foot should land below your hips, not right out in front of you

· Breathe steadily and deeply – try to avoid panting and aim for at last one breath every two strides

We hope this will assist you in preparing for your first run and please remember we are all in this together. It is completely normal to feel nervous about a new activity but the aim is to make it an enjoyable experience whilst keeping fit and healthy and we will be supporting you the whole way through.

Remember it’s in your time and your pace and if you don’t feel like running one day, that’s ok – tomorrow is another day...

Need to download the app? Don’t worry there is still time and you can do it HERE

So all that remains to be said is stay safe, enjoy the fresh air and well done on investing in your health and well-being. You CAN do this and we are right behind you, metaphorically speaking and don’t forget to upload your stories, photos and videos 📸 🎥


Disclaimer Alert:

This video is not medical advice or a treatment and is intended for generic advice, education and demonstration purposes only. This video should not be used to self diagnose or self-treat any health, medical or physical condition. Don't use this video to avoid going to your GP or healthcare professional or to replace any advice that they give you. We are not your Physiotherapists or your healthcare professional. You may need to seek an individual consultation with your healthcare professional before doing this video. Please consult your healthcare professional before doing anything contained in the video. By participating in any information from this video, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ros Glendinning, Gilly Ellis, Lynn Easton, CheeziFit and or PacePilates and or/any injuries, illnesses, all losses, all damages from any and all claims that arise from your use or misuse of this video's content. Ros Glendinning, Gilly Ellis, Lynn Easton, CheeziFit and PacePilates makes no representations about the accuracy or suitability of this content.

Use of this video is at your sole risk.

If you require any further information, please contact us at

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21 feb 2021

This couch to 5k programme is a doddle!! Can we please just do the couch bit??? Just a regular Sunday afternoon in the Lucas household....until now!

Me gusta
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