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Morning, Noon or Night?

There is some debate over when it is best to go for a run.

I usually run late afternoon/early evening after work but decided to give a 7:00am run a try for a change and despite the chilly frost, I did feel energised and ready for the rest of the day afterwards.

Sometimes your body feels relaxed and ready for a run and other times it feels heavy and each step can be an effort but does it depend on the time of day and is there an optimum time to run when your body benefits the most?

The day has been divided up into morning, noon and night and below are some pros and cons for each time of day.


Pros – A perfect start to the day by providing your body with an oxygen boost and additionally, your metabolism is pushed to burn more calories. There is a higher oxygen content in the morning which can make it easier to breathe and it is also generally cooler so may be more comfortable.

Cons – It can be harder as your joints may be stiff and your muscles less flexible if you have just got up. This could affect your coordination when you are running. This means it is even more important o ensure you warm-up properly. Your body also loses water whilst you are sleeping so it is important to have a drink before your run to ensure you don’t become dehydrated.

Lunch Time

Pros - It is believed that your performance potential is at the optimum point around lunch time as your body is not yet too tired from your normal daily duties and providing you have eaten, you should have plenty of energy meaning physical exertion will feel less strenuous.

Cons- You do need to ensure that your body has had time to digest if you have eaten your lunch as you could be at a higher risk of suffering from stomach cramps however, this can be avoided by waiting approximately 30 minutes after eating a light snack or one & half to 2 hours after a large lunch. You may prefer to run before your lunch however, it may be harder if your energy stores have dropped.


Pros - If you have had a stressful or busy day, an evening run is a fantastic way to help you unwind and if you have been active all day you will need less of a warm up than if you were running first thing in the morning.

Cons – An evening run can re-energize your body which may make you struggle to fall asleep. However some people find that a run tires them out and they fall asleep quicker. We are all different!

Ultimately, there are advantages and disadvantages for anytime of the day so the best time to run is when it suits YOU and the joy of this programme is that it allows flexibility so that your runs can be worked around other factors such as leisure time, family time, meal times and work schedules.

Keep going everyone, together we’ve got this – bring on Week 5!

To download the official C25K app via the NHS website click HERE where you will find all the information you need together with hints, tips and stretching advice.

It is never too late to start as the programme can be completed in your own time and fit in and around your lifestyle.

For further information, please contact us at

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