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Never should you...

Good morning CheeziJoggers,

Can you believe the first third of the challenge has now been completed!!!!

It has been very wet & windy the last couple of days which can make it harder to summon up the enthusiasm to go out for a run so a big WELL DONE to everyone who has gritted their teeth and carried on regardless in true British style. It is great to hear how much better you feel after doing it.

We have talked a lot about staying motivated and keeping going however there are also some things we, as runners (or joggers) should never do…

  • Ignore Pain – pain that comes and goes quickly e.g. a stitch is probably something you need not worry about however if you are suffering the same pain every time, it is best to seek medical advice from a professional to avoid the risk of injury

  • Skip your warm-up – If you don’t have a lot of time it can be tempting to go straight into your run and neglect to warm up properly which again can lead to injuries e.g. strained muscles. A good warm up raises the heart rate and allows your body & muscles to loosen up gradually preparing you for your run.

  • Run before eating breakfast – whilst you should not run on a full stomach, skipping a meal can lead to low blood sugar so try to ensure you consume some calories to sustain you especially if your are running first thing in the morning.

  • Expect to beat your previous time/distance every time – Initially this might be easy to achieve and whilst goal setting is important, it should not be unrealistic and cause unnecessary stress if failing to meet your expectations.

  • Have a rigid training plan – ensure you have a plan in place that allows for compromise. Life gets in the way sometimes so don’t beat yourself up if you planned to run one day and find you can’t do it. Flexibility is key!

  • Start too fast – If you start too fast, you may run out of stamina and struggle come the end. Start at a pace you are comfortable with, you can always speed up towards the end IF you want to.

  • Not rest enough – Ensure you have rest days and get plenty of sleep. You run (excuse the pun!) the risk of injury if you do not allow your body time to recover.

  • Obsess about numbers – lots of people have devices or apps that provide numerous statistics on your run – pace, distance, heart rate etc. and whilst they can be great and provide you with some useful information, don’t allow them to add to your stress. Remember why your started running and why you enjoy it and don’t focus on the numbers.

Wherever you are in your C25K journey, keep going in your own time and your own pace and please feel free to share any handy tips that have helped you.

Download the official C25K app via the NHS website, click HERE and join our group of CheeziJoggers.

For further information, please contact us at

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