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Running yourself younger

Goodbye to Week 4 and hello to Week 5. Yes, we have made it this far so a huge well done to everyone for keeping positive and keeping going.

The next week is going to be slightly different and a bit more of a challenge as each run will differ in the amount of time spent running, rather than being all the same as they have been so far.

We start off with 3 x 5 minute runs which to an experienced runner may not sound much, but to a novice like me & most of our CheeziJoggers, it is actually quite an achievement.

Having completed the previous 4 weeks to the letter, my personal app coach assures me this next week is nothing I can’t do and as she’s been right about everything so far I am going to use those positive vibes to push myself on.

We at Team Cheezi really enjoy hearing about all your runs and it is reassuring that we often feel the same way; we all have ups and downs but the common feature is we keep going and always feel great after 🏃🏼‍♀️

Having been reading into the benefits of running recently, I have discovered that running can actually add years to your life. We all know that exercise is beneficial and previous blogs have highlighted some of those benefits but a piece of research I read recently gave food for thought...

Following a 21 year study of participants in the 50+ age bracket, by the Stanford University School of Medicine in California, it was discovered that participants who were members of a running club had a 50% lower death rate than those of healthy participants who formed the control group. Not only that, but there was also a significant reduction in disability in later life. In other words, their bodies are staying younger for longer.

Now, no-one is suggesting you rush out and sign up to your local running club, unless of course you have discovered a love of running and wish to take it further, however the benefits of running or vigorous exercise are clear to see and could potentially lead to a longer and healthier life.

You can download the official C25K app via the NHS website by clicking HERE where you will find all the information you need together with hints, tips and stretching advice.

It is never too late to start as the programme can be completed in your own time and fit in and around your lifestyle.

For further information, please contact us at

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