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You're never too old!

Good morning CheeziJoggers. It is the start of Week 7 and yet another week has bitten the dust.

Some of you may not have reached Week 7 yet whilst some of you may have exceeded it but wherever you are in the challenge, keep going!! Your support and stories are continuing to be a huge motivator and I’m sure a lot of us have been spurred on when hearing of another run that has been completed and the sense of achievement felt.

Age is just a number right? You’re only as old as you feel. Sometimes I wake up feeling like I’m 21 again and other times I feel about 80 but I can guarantee that after doing some form of exercise, either one of our Couch to 5K runs or a CheeziFit class, I always feel so much better and much more energized.

Have you ever thought you can’t do something as you are too old? Perhaps you are reading this but not taken the plunge in starting the Couch to 5K for that very reason. Well, think again. No-one has to be that stereotypical “old” person and by partaking in exercise as well as sensible lifestyle choices you can look forward to extending middle age.

The number one piece of advice offered by Dr Bill Andrews, a world renowned health and longevity expert who has spent 34 years focussing on extending human lifespan, is to take part in endurance sports e.g. running. Although he points out, you should never overdo it and you should only do what is comfortable for your body.

Margaret Webb, a journalist, runner and author of the book Older, Faster, Stronger notes that athletes are proving that as much as 50% age-related decline is due to de-conditioning, i.e. losing physical fitness by lack of exercise.

A great motivator for young or younger people could be knowing that by taking up running or another endurance exercise you have the potential to change your “older” years by extending your middle age and maybe even improving your mental health by worrying less about advancing age.

If you are still thinking that you can’t do it, take heart in hearing about 92 year old Harriette Thompson from North Carolina who became the oldest woman to finish a marathon. She did it in 7hrs, 24 minutes and 36 seconds and she only started running in her 70s or how about Fauja Singh a British marathon runner who became the oldest man to complete a marathon at the age of 101 after taking up running at the age of 89!!!! He completed it in 8hrs and 25 minutes and finally retired from running at the age of 104.

In the words of Margaret Webb “Age is only a barrier if you let it be. Age is not an excuse for not exercising; in fact, it is the best reason to exercise!”

If you fancy starting the Couch to 5K programme, you can download the official C25K app via the NHS website by clicking HERE.

You will find all the information you need together with hints, tips and stretching advice.

It really is never too late to start and as the programme can be completed in your own time and fit in and around your lifestyle you are not tied down to set times and days. Complete in your time at your pace and have the support of a team of CheeziJoggers right behind you.

For further information, please contact us at

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