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Technical Support & FAQ's

CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme logo FAQ

Welcome to our technical support section. 

Technology can be a mind field and we want to support you as much as we can. We always get asked questions and we want to be able to help you. If your question isn't answered below then don't hesitate to get in touch with us at:




I have never used a computer before, can you help me to set me up on my computer?

Yes, we will help you all the way, from switching the button on to getting into class. 


I don't have a laptop or a computer. Can I use a different device?

Yes, you can use your phone, iPAD or other devices to access the class, as long as they have a camera/webcam - we will help you to set up. 

Where on the website do I book into a class?

You click onto the "BOOK INTO AN ON-LINE CLASS" Button

Can I book into more than one class at a time?

Yes; when you have selected your first class, click on 'Add a Time', choose your next classes and repeat, on your last class then click continue and you will be taken to a summary page to continue


Can I pre-book my classes for the month?

Yes, you can definitely pre book your classes, 28 days in advance

Can I pay a monthly fee instead of per class?

We are thinking about offering a monthly subscription - watch this space

Why do I have fill in an online health form?

This is so we can offer you a seriously good class and ensure you are safe and fully aware and conversant in what we do in class

How do I receive the ON-DEMAND pre-recorded classes?

We email them to you on Saturday morning

How long do the pre-recorded classes last for?

They last for a week and deactivate after the week

Can I do the ON-DEMAND classes anywhere?

Yes, you can access them anywhere but make sure you're safe

Do you have new ON-DEMAND classes each week?

Yes, we have a new class every single week

What type of ON-DEMAND classes do you offer?

Three types; CheeziClassics-a mid intensity workout suitable for beginner's, CheeziHITT-a high intensity workout or CheeziBurst-a 30 minute burst of CheeziFit

How do I book into ON-DEMAND Classes?

Access this link. Book into the Saturday class. We will then send you the class out for the week on the Sunday.  Click here>

What is an ON-DEMAND class?

The ON-DEMAND classes are pre-recorded and you can do them at any time for a week.

I have paid and booked for my ON-DEMAND classes but can't see it on my emails?

Check your junk/spam emails

How do I pay for classes?

Our booking system uses Paypal, however if you do not have a Paypal account you can 'check out as a guest' and use your preferred card details


Can I share the On-Demand link with my friend?

No, links can only be used by the person who purchased the class and have completed a health form

Do I have to book my On Demand class on a Saturday?

No, you can book anytime in the week up until midnight Friday for the weeks class. You can also book up to 28 days in advance for future weeks

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