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Terms & Conditions

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Please kindly familiarise yourself with CheeziFit's terms and conditions.


1. By choosing to participate in our Community classes you will follow the current Covid-19 law/legislation. We will not be held responsible if you contract the virus. You participate in the Community classes under your own responsibility and are responsible to maintain social distancing at all times. Should you fail to follow our procedures we have the right to ask you to leave the premises without repercussion.

2. By choosing to participate in the classes you will take full responsibility for yourself for Community classes and the pre-recorded ON-DEMAND classes.

3. You have read and signed the Participant Health Questionnaire and consent form.

4. In the event of accident, injury, illness or death you will take full responsibility for this. There will be no repercussions posthumously in the event of death by family or friends.

5. At no time pre, post or during the class will the instructor nor CheeziFit be liable or responsible.

6. You will not share the classes outside of our closed group to the wider public or to anyone in your household. You will not record the classes.

7. You understand that the instructor cannot or may not be able to see you completely in the pre-recorded classes and you will take full responsibility to conduct all exercises and stretches safely. You understand that in the pre-recorded classes the Instructor cannot see you at all.

8. You will wear appropriate clothing and footwear and remove earrings.

9. You will conduct a full risk assessment prior to each class and at no time will the instructor or CheeziFit be responsible or liable if the risk changes.

10. You will ensure you have a safe space to exercise in.

11. You will ensure that there will be no trip hazards, clutter or distractions.

12. You will hydrate, work to your ability and cease exercise if you feel unable or unwell.

13. You will not allow any other participant to take the class.

14. You will not allow children to participate. We only accept 16-17 years accompanied by an adult. 18 years and above is acceptable. CheeziFit is an adult only dance fitness class currently.

15. You understand that CheeziFit is an exercise to music dance fitness class that incorporates standing stretches.

16. You are fully conversant in the structure of our classes and that we provide a cardiovascular workout with standing stretches.

17. You will not be over the alcoholic limit or drink alcohol, take drugs or chew chewing gum/eat when exercising.

18. You must inform us if your medical/health condition changes immediately.

19. You must ensure that you have adequate heating, lighting and ventilation.

20. You must start the class at the beginning. You must not enter the class part way through and you must participate in the full standing stretching component.

21. You will not participate in the class if you think, become or are confirmed pregnant at any stage.

22.You will ensure that you can clearly see and hear the lead instructor at all times

23. Please only turn in the dances if you feel able

24. You must ensure that in accordance with GDPR regulations that you DO NOT share the class or any information gained from the site from the videos or posts. This forum is strictly confidential. Your information will be shared between the lead instructors for their personal administration and used for insurance purposes when necessary. The three lead instructors are Ros Glendinning, Lynn Easton, Gilly Ellis and Emma Walker (tech support).

25. You must have sent an email to one of the instructors or CheeziFit filling in the new participant questionnaire. As you may not have been able to sign the form your return email is your confirmation that you agree to all our terms and conditions.

26. In the event of any claim; against CheeziFit, Ros Glendinning, Gilly Ellis or Lynn Easton, your declaration and health form will be used for any of the instructors or CheeziFit. Please note that all three instructors have access to your information for safety/insurance reasons.

27. You understand that a participant can be asked to leave for any reason or removed at the discretion of the instructor.

28. You understand that pictures and videos may be taken. If you do not wish yours to be; please privately message the CheeziFit Facebook page or the instructor. You understand that a monthly Newsletter will be sent to you via email. If you do not wish to receive a newsletter; please email us at:

29. You are responsible for taking visual breaks from your device to ensure there is no detriment to your vision.

30. If exercising outdoors please ensure you have full internet access, you wear sunscreen and it is not too hot /cold/wet for your device.

31. If you have contracted COVID-19, or showing any symptoms of, you will ensure you are fully recovered and gain medical clearance prior to participating. You will inform the instructor.

32. I agree for personal details to be stored and used by CheeziFit in accordance with GDPR regulations.

33. Your intentions are honourable and you are here solely as a CheeziFit participant, not to obtain/solicit information or procedures for your own business or personal intentions.

34. You are agree to this disclaimer and are proceeding under the aforementioned terms and conditions and at your own risk.

We have the authority to refuse entry or delete participation at any time, for any reason and without repercussion.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you.

Warm Regards
Ros, Lynn and Gilly and Team CheeziFit

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