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CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme LOGO TESTIMONIALS

"I am 50-year-old mum and grandma.
One of my friends introduced me to CheeziFit back in 2018, I find its good for the soul and my mental health. I have met some lovely people and made some new friends too. It's a dance-based exercise programme to some brilliant 80’s music.
I had an accident 5 years ago that has restricted my movements in my shoulder and leg, which led me too putting on weight and made me miserable.

CheeziFit Plymouth Dance fitness programme testimonial 1

I needed to get more active and did not want to go to the gym as a it wasn’t for me. I am not very coordinated, and still not, but I am able to move more freely and have slightly more movements in my shoulder and leg and I’m toning my body whilst having fun. It doesn’t feel like I am exercising as it is such a good laugh, the instructors are fabulous and friendly.
During lockdown we have had to go online and the CheeziFit team have all been excellent making sure our mental health is ok, they have done some great things online to keep us entertained for example :- quiz nights, cocktail making, game shows, competitions etc."

Sarah Hulme

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