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Lost in Music and BBC Radio Devon

Good morning CheeziJoggers,

What a beautiful weekend it has been; I do hope you were able to take advantage of the blue skies and sunshine and enjoy some fresh air.

Week 1 is done and dusted and huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has completed their first three runs. We are now starting Week 2 with a spring in our step and a general feeling of positivity that we can achieve this challenge. Sarah Millican (my chosen coach on the app) has introduced some breathing techniques this week which has definitely assisted me now that our run times have increased slightly from last week.

It is heart-warming to bear witness to the support our CheeeziJoggers group are giving to each other and the encouragement is proving to be a great motivator especially as running does not come naturally to everyone, myself included.

I always try to distract myself when running and the easiest way is by listening to music.

My playlist includes upbeat songs, that make me smile and feel happy, as well as music that has a good beat, as during aerobic exercise we naturally synchronize our movements to the beat of the song. By focussing on the happy feelings the music gives us, we can forget how hard we are actually working.

The “dissociative strategy” engaged by listening to music helps us to block out the pain or effort we are putting into our workout and focus on the memories and good feelings playing in our head, evoked by the music, therefore making it easier to carry on.

Since it is on my doorstep, I usually do my runs in the local cemetery; it is generally very quiet, there are not many people around to witness me and the inhabitants are not at all judgemental of my “not very athletic” technique! However, I do think I may need to re-think my playlist as Another one bites the dust and Wake me up before you go go could be better placed for another location!

Whatever music you listen to, (please share your favourite song titles that inspire you to keep going) I hope it provides you with a feel-good boost and leaves you feeling positive 🎧🎵

📻 📻 Speaking about music, Lynn will be chatting to Michael Chequer about Couch to 5K and all things Cheezi on BBC Radio Devon at approximately 4pm TODAY so please tune in if you can 📻 📻

If you haven’t downloaded the free app yet, don’t worry you can do it HERE – there is no time limit and you can fit it in and around your lifestyle 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️

For further information, contact us at

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